Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Sardinia Travel Anymore.

Sardinia Winter Ferries: among the concerns that more frequently you make united states is how much easy is to find to Sardinia throughout the whole year. A non comprehensive list includes: Sant’Efisio (Cagliari, 1 May, in fact persists several times), Sagra del Redentore (Nuoro, last Sunday of August), Cavalcata sarda (Sassari, penultimate Sunday of May, horse parade and events), Faradda di li candareri (Sassari, 14 August), Sa Sartiglia (Oristano, Carnival period, horse events), and every where the parties during Carnival plus the Holy Week.

Within the last few few years the cost of Sardegna Italy ferries went up tremendously particularly into the tall season July and August to the traghetti sardegna stage that lots of natives that inhabit mainland Italy have either renounced towards the idea of visiting or have found it cheaper to travel by atmosphere.

If you go to either the Santa Teresa di Gallura or San Teodoro webpage (go through the links) you should have several choice on that budget (I usually go right to the remaining part and select the most budget once I reserve my accommodation) and I check always out of the reviews, since they are quite dependable.

Additionally Santa Teresa provides amazing beaches for snorkeling and it’s near sufficient to Palau to book each and every day motorboat trip to la Maddalena (i will suggest it big style!), therefore all in all, provided your requests… i do believe this might function as the spot for you personally. It’s another good choice for individuals without a vehicle whilst the beach and village have reached walking distance and yourself involve some great environments to explore by bicycle if you prefer.

If I were you, I’d rather spend one day driving to Orosei or Cala Gonone (only 1 hour after all!) and perform some watercraft day at Cala Mariolu. The holidaymakers of Carloforte is unquestionably interesting to produce some excursions towards the Island of S. Antioco, also to the mainland of the Sardinia the west.

Sardinia isn’t just the ocean; inland areas, rugged and mountainous, provide an unmissable chance of memorable naturalistic excursions and host essential cultures associated with the past: through the megalithic nuraghe, the tombs of this fairies, the domus de Janas, towards the numerous indications kept by the various Phoenician, Arab, Spanish and French conquerors.

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